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Start running your dental clinic the simplest way. Easily manage patient details, organize dental appointments, and secure dental records with a smart clinic platform.

We Understand Your Inconvenience

Clinic management is a difficult task. Aside from usual day-to-day patient struggles, dentists and clinic managers also experience the following issues:

Index cards are unreliable

Dentists have been using index cards or paper records for decades. However, these physical documents may get lost or damaged which may lead to delays in treatment, misdiagnosis and even time wastage for doing the entire recording process all over again.

Unsecured paper records

You might lose a lot of money and credibility if you do not keep your patient records safe. Worse is that you might face legal actions for leaking their data accidentally.

Paper records slow clinic operations

Dental clinic is a fast-paced environment. You can't afford to lose valuable seconds and potential patients just because you're processing patient records manually.
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INDX Takes Care of Your Clinic Activities

INDX is a clinic management software that allows dentists to run their clinics efficiently. It secures your records in one place and lets you manage them easily. You can even schedule appointments, access patient data, and track your finances wherever you are! Let INDX help you take care of your patients, clinic and practice. Focus on growing your craft and maximize your profits while we take care of your clinic activities with this simple, secured and easy-to-use platform.

It’s time to choose INDX

Simple. Secured. Smart
Our software gives you the simplest yet smartest tools for your seamless dental clinic management experience.

For Dental Clinic Managers

Running a dental clinic is never easy - from taking patient records, managing day-to-day operations, to meeting business targets. Most managers might even do all these tasks manually leading to slower and inefficient clinic operations.

If you’re guilty with the above practice, then you need a partner to help you manage your clinic efficiently - like INDX.

With INDX, your dental clinic management duties are now simpler while giving you more for your business. Track patient records, book appointments, and manage your entire clinic in one dashboard.

For Dental Practitioners

Dentists also do a lot while inside their clinics. Aside from providing the best dental care for your patients, you must also do other tasks to fulfill your clinic duties. That’s quite overwhelming for any practitioner doing everything manually.

That’s why INDX Clinic Management software was uniquely designed for dental practitioners who want to complete multiple tasks without compromising their patients’ health and safety.

Not only does INDX streamline your practice workflow, our intuitive system increases your administrative efficiency, saves you from time-consuming tasks, and helps you focus more on what matters most - provide the best dental care your patient needs.

Focus on your dental practice while we securely manage your clinic activities for you.
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3 Smart Benefits of INDX for Your Clinic Needs

Security Guaranteed

INDX is a fully-secured clinic management software with patient data security as one of our utmost priorities. With INDX, you are assured that your patient records are safely stored in our high-security platform in accordance with data healthcare compliance regulations.

User-Friendly and Simplified System

Our goal is to provide you an easy-to-use clinic management system. Our team of designers and engineers developed a simple yet functional design to ensure your hassle-free experience within the platform.

Easy Importing and migration

Start transforming your paper records to digital ones. We understand that manual patient data recording has been used for ages. That’s why we developed a feature to help you easily migrate your paper records digitally.
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